Lab 100

Inspired by a generation of change and designed to adorn wrists with bejewelled, guilt-free sparkle, 'Lab 100' single stone diamond bracelets signify a commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices.
Symbolising our innate connection to each other and the planet, 'Lab 100' represents the invisible threads which unite us all whilst honouring transparency within the diamond industry.
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Sealed with a 'X'

The Sealed with a 'X' collection pays homage to the artistry of the Asscher cut diamond. When gazing directly through it, you'll discover a hidden X, formed by the convergence of equidistant facets towards the culet, located at the centre of the stone's lower pavilion side.
Hidden within the mesmerising facets of the Ascher stone lies a carefully concealed love narrative, intricately woven into the X-shaped cut. As the angles and lines converge, they symbolise the unity of two souls, brought together by destiny, their love an enigma too profound for the world to perceive, yet too exquisitely profound not to be sensed.
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Our classic timeless jewellery possesses an enduring allure that effortlessly transcends fleeting trends. It’s essence lies in the ability to evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication that remains eternally relevant.
Unlike fashionable fads that come and go, these pieces are characterised by their timeless designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and intrinsic beauty. They hold the power to gracefully accompany us through the passage of time, becoming cherished heirlooms that connect generations.
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Above Human

The Diamond Lab's 'Above Human' collection promotes eco-conscious fashion and an awareness of the human impacts on the planet.
Blue stones symbolise the soul's purpose and guiding force of life. The collection's otherworldly designs transcend earthly limits and highlight the importance of communication and bonding through water, land, and sky. 'Above Human' represents a step towards responsible and eco-conscious fashion for a kinder world.
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